To be honest, I have lived in this city since 2004, when I was born, and never go as far as the distance from Sichuan to Chongqing. For me, It's the city that filled in my memory......
But, Here's a problem! I haven't seen the night view of the city. So, a short journey STARTED!

First station: Eating

It's 17:35. Here I am. In a restaurant that isn't so popular in the city but I like to go to! And as usual, a big bowl filled with Vermicelli , Wow Great!
Taste: I forgot to let the cook put less chilli! So that's a bit spicy! Then I poured a lot of vinegar. So it gets sour!


Second station: Walking

Walking along the Baitiao River. Feel the breath of the wind. Wow! I felt cool in summer. BUT, I didn't keep walking. I go to Bailun Square

Third station: Bailun Square

To be frank, I just want to feel the air conditioner of the Market. And also, watch a movie! But! See what I saw.

Ahh, so unfortunately! But I still stay in the markert becase of the air conditioner .

Last Station: SYSXC

Yeah, there's a new shop called 书亦烧仙草 finally opened in Dujiangyan. Well,When the sky gets dark, sit down and drink sth is a way of relaxing myself. by doing this to finish today's short journey. It's really unforgettable.


Well, How will I do this short journey? Because I will produce a new video about Dujiangyan (Again?)
So This is all. See you next day!